Engrossing Novels for Seniors on Book Lovers Day

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Reading is an excellent pastime for seniors because it keeps the mind active. Large-print books make it possible for seniors to read despite having weak or impaired vision. Book Lovers Day is coming up in just a few weeks on August 9, so now is the perfect time to start reading a new novel. Here are a few popular literature suggestions that may be particularly appealing to seniors and their Ft. Lauderdale elderly care providers.

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf

Addie Moore and Louis Waters are old friends who are both finally getting over the loss of their spouses. Now that their partners are gone and their children have moved away, Addie and Louis realize that their houses seem terribly empty, especially at night. They strike up a friendship just to have someone to talk to, but it gradually blossoms into much more.

Invisible by Lorena McCourtney

Ivy Malone was always naturally curious, so when she heard about an odd disappearance, she couldn’t resist investigating. Though the authorities and criminals underestimate her as just another little old lady, Ivy uses her talents to become a talented detective.

The Blossom Sisters by Fern Michaels

Gus was raised by his grandmother, Rose, and her two sisters, Iris and Violet. Years after a disastrous argument with his family, Gus ends up having to return to the family’s farmhouse in Virginia because of a horrible divorce. In his old home, Gus discovers surprising secrets and begins to repair his relationships with his family members.

Prime of Life by P.D. Bekendam

As the janitor at a retirement home, Ben is used to dealing with eccentric characters and cranky bosses. Though he loves spending time with the residents and enjoys his stress-free life, Ben is hiding a huge secret. When people discover that he used to be a talented heart surgeon, his organized and peaceful life quickly unravels. You can continue to stimulate your loved one’s cognitive skills with help from Home Care Assistance of Ft. Lauderdale. Our comprehensive dementia and Ft. Lauderdale Alzheimer’s home care gives seniors the tools they need to stave off dementia, boost mental health, and promote emotional wellbeing. To learn more and schedule a free consultation, call (954) 909-0370 today.


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