Caregiver Reviews

Home Care Assistance strives to attract and retain the best caregivers. See below for what are current caregivers are saying about their experiences working with us. We have been recognized as an Employer of Choice by Home Care Pulse (an independent 3rd party that benchmarks home care agencies likes ours nationally using caregiver surveys) for 6 years in a row! and in the top 10% of agencies nationally for 3 straight years!

Home Care Assistance Testimonials

” I chose to work for Home Care Assistance because it has a positive work area. My supervisor is very sweet and I get good positive energy from them. Management shows value for my work by recognizing I work hard and always telling me that they appreciate that I am dependable. I am satisfied with my job because there is a huge difference with Home Care Assistance compared to other agencies.”

“I feel respected by Home Care Assistance. I would recommend their service because they treat their clients very well. I used to work with other companies that are not that way.”

“The management listens to anything that I have to say and they try to resolve problems. Home Care Assistance provide us with the client’s needs before we start the job. There is a criteria list with what is expected of us. They have training seminars and lunch briefings and provide learning opportunities for their employees.”

“I chose to work for Home Care Assistance because they are not like any other agency. They are always understanding–my supervisor has an open door policy. The management is great, respectful, and loving. They want to know how I’m doing and make sure I’m okay.”

“I chose to work for Home Care Assistance because they have great benefits. I appreciate that our managers are flexible and understanding.”

“I like that the owner will come out if there is an issue and resolve it. I like that this company works together as a team. I don’t feel like when I go to the client’s home, that I am alone. I have the support of the office and management. They are more focused on providing quality care. You feel respected as an employee there.”

“The management shows me respect by thanking me for being a part of the team. They will listen to their employees–they care about them, and they will talk to them.”

“All of the clients I have had have been a good match. Home Care Assistance gave me a survey before I started working with them about my personality so they could match me with my clients.”

“Home Care Assistance continuously asks me how comfortable I am with certain clients and makes sure that I’m not stressed out by anything.”

“The management does their best in making sure everything is okay. They walk me through the process and never make me feel like I am alone. I would tell someone that Home Care Assistance is a very good company. They consider the client and they work with their employees.”