Dos and Don’ts of In-Home Alzheimer’s Care

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If you listen to a group of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Alzheimer’s caregivers, then you quickly realize that it can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining. It can be very tough to get through the roughest days. Following these dos and don’ts will help you succeed. Understand that each situation is unique, so if something does not work for you, then give yourself permission to throw that idea away because your demanding role does not leave time for guilt.

Take Care of Yourself

While it is important to take care of your senior loved one, it is even more important to take care of yourself. Set aside a few minutes each day to do something just for you. Write in a journal, play a musical instrument or make a craft. When someone asks if they can help you, understand that they really mean it and give them something to do.

Use Distractions

Seniors with Alzheimer’s are often illogical, so refuse to argue with them. Instead use distractions to reengage them with positive activities. Consider playing music, asking them for help around the house or doing a craft.

Create a Schedule

Most seniors with Alzheimer’s do best when Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers in Ft. Lauderdale maintain a weekly schedule. Eventually, the schedule becomes imprinted on the stronger long-term memory, resulting in fewer arguments. Once the long-term memory becomes engaged, then memories of how to do other things may also be reawakened.


While it may be tempting to get mad and impatient, just shake your head and laugh instead when the senior does something unusual. Find ways to try to get the senior to laugh along with you. Funny family stories often invoke great memories in the senior’s mind.

Do Not Feel Guilty

When you know that you are doing your absolute best, then let things go. If you are still harboring feelings of needing everything to be perfect, realize that it never will be perfect. Therefore, relax and focus on taking things one step at a time. Taking care of a senior with Alzheimer’s can be rough. Remembering these do’s and don’ts may help you get through each day. Alternatively, you could call Home Care Assistance at (954) 909-0370 to hire a trusted Alzheimer’s caregiver to look after your loved one. Our premier in-home care in Ft. Lauderdale enables seniors to age in place with confidence and gives family members the peace of mind they need. Call today to set up a free consultation and customize a care plan that meets your loved one’s needs.


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