Honoring the Life of Muhammad Ali and His Battle with Parkinson’s

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Muhammad Ali fought many boxing greats throughout his legendary career. One of the toughest fights he faced and eventually lost took place outside the ring. His opponent was Parkinson’s disease. For decades, Ali bravely battled Parkinson’s publicly and played a major role in educating people about this neurological disease. He served as an inspiration to numerous seniors and caregivers in Ft. Lauderdale. In 1981, those around Ali began to notice that his speech was beginning to slur and his body was slowing down before the last fight of his career. Three years later, Ali was only 42 years old when he was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A decade later, he was  no longer the quick-footed, agile fighter people remembered and his face appeared frozen. Several years later, Ali was part of one of the most unforgettable and courageous moments in sports history. At the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Ali lit the Olympic cauldron. It was a well-kept secret and the shocked crowd howled with excitement as Ali bravely appeared with his body trembling to light the wire that would bring the flame to the cauldron. It was one of the most rare and treasured Olympic moments in history. Courageously, Ali showed his determination to fight this disease and he inspired other people from all over the world to do so. Even though Ali became frail through the years, he still did what he could to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s disease. About two months before his death, he attended the Celebrity Fight Night. This extravaganza helps to raise money for treatments that will aid those with Parkinson’s. When Ali arrived at the gala, he couldn’t speak and his body was hunched over. The crowd welcomed him with a standing ovation and he showed everyone that even though Parkinson’s had affected his body and mind, he is still the greatest fighter of all time. Fortunately, Ali left behind an important legacy that taught people with Parkinson’s to strive for a full and happy life. Seniors with PD can achieve this goal with help from Home Care Assistance in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We specialize in at-home Parkinson’s care that’s designed to help seniors with daily tasks without compromising their independence and self-esteem. Call (954) 909-0370 today to set up a free consultation and learn more about our compassionate services.


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