Researchers Find Chinese Herb Successful in Bone Marrow Recovery

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There may soon be hope for seniors who have certain types of blood cell disorders. Ft. Lauderdale elder care professionals would like to share information about a promising research breakthrough for those with blood disorders. A group of scientists from UCLA have recently learned an extract traditionally used in Chinese medicine shows promise in correcting problems related to blood cell development in bone marrow. The substance is known as Tianshengyuan-1, or TSY-1. Asian practitioners have long used the substance for the treatment of aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, preleukemia, and similar blood disorders. The Chinese create the compound by distilling a combination of various herbs.  UCLA scientists were researching the role TSY-1 played on telomerase and telomere activity on bone marrow blood cells, peripheral blood cells, and malignant cells. They found TSY-1 affects a gene known as TERT, which plays an important role in regulating an enzyme known as telomerase.  Telomerase regulates the development of telomeres, which are the protective coverings on the ends of chromosomes. Without the barrier, cells lose vital DNA/RNA each time they divide. As a cell divides repeatedly, chromosomes naturally and slowly lose telomerase, telomere length, and DNA/RNA. In time, the cells can no longer replicate due to the loss of the essential instructions.  The researchers were amazed to witness how the TSY-1 extract positively affected blood cell replication while interfering with cancer cell division. The breakthrough shows promise in treating blood cell disorders originating in the bone marrow.  Blood cells in bone marrow sometimes do not replicate or cannot replicate normally due to abnormalities found in the telomeres or because of a telomerase deficiency. On the other hand, the majority of malignant cell types contain an abundance of telomerase and lengthy telomeres, which enable the cells to replicate numerous times easily. Previously manufactured medications that affect malignant cell replication also disrupt healthy cell division. The research also shows promise in the advancements of cancer treatments. If your senior loved one has a blood disorder or another condition and you could use help meeting his or her needs, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer dedicated live-in and part-time care. Ft. Lauderdale, FL, seniors and their families can call (954) 909-0370 to speak with a Care Manager and learn about our flexible care services.


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