Delicious Halloween Snacks for Seniors with Diabetes

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Seniors with diabetes can enjoy the Halloween holiday season with a few delicious snacks that can be made at home by Ft. Lauderdale home caregivers or purchased from the store. Many of these seasonal snacks are made with fresh and healthy ingredients without all of the sugar that you find in bags of candy. Check them out below.

Boo-tiful Bean Dip

This is a treat that can be paired with either vegetable sticks or crackers. It’s made with any kind of bean that your loved one enjoys and will give seniors a high amount of protein without any sugar. You can add a bit of shredded cheese around the beans for stringy hair and a few olives for the eyes and mouth to dress it up for October 31. 

Dracula Eggs

Give deviled eggs a fun look that is healthy for seniors with diabetes. Prepare the eggs like you normally would, but add a few slivers of red pepper for haunting eyebrows and a long, sinister tongue. Small slivers of olives can be used for creepy eyes and a nose. 

Spiced Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin puree has a high amount of fiber and there isn’t a lot of fat in the product. Combine the pumpkin with a few sugar-free chocolate chips and spices to make a Halloween cookie that can be enjoyed any time of the day. 

Dirt Cups

Using sugar-free chocolate and vanilla pudding, layer the two types in a cup so that the chocolate is on top. Crumble sugar-free chocolate cookies on the top of the pudding to look like dirt before adding a few gummy worms. Use cookies that have a cream center so that they can be displayed as a gravestone with writing on them. Be sure that you buy the sugar-free form of gummy worms at the grocery store. With help from Ft. Lauderdale Home Care Assistance, seniors can learn to safely manage their diabetes at home. Our compassionate caregivers work around your loved one’s schedule to prepare nutritious meals and remind your loved one to take medications. Call (954) 909-0370 today to learn how in-home care can boost your loved one’s physical and emotional wellbeing.


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