Fun Labor Day Activities for Seniors

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With Labor Day weekend coming up soon, providers of elder care in Ft. Lauderdale recommend making the most of the three-day weekend with your elderly relative. Following are a few senior-friendly activities families can enjoy with their senior loved ones.

BBQ Cookout

Labor Day is a wonderful opportunity to host a BBQ cookout just as the summer season comes to an end. It gives senior citizens the chance to enjoy the fresh air and socialize with loved ones and friends. Although they might not be able to actually fire up the grill and cook, seniors can still participate in a BBQ by sharing their favorite recipes from their youth. To stay in a good mood and reminisce about their good old days, elderly people could also listen to classic songs during a BBQ gathering. 

Quality Time with Grandchildren

Since most schools are closed on Labor Day, senior citizens have a great chance to spend some quality time with their grandchildren. During a family gathering on this holiday, backyard camping is an activity that allows grandparents to bond with their beloved youngsters. Perhaps grandma or grandpa can teach the kids a few useful tricks on starting and maintaining a campfire followed by cooking some tasty treats like marshmallows on a stick. While enjoying backyard camping with grandparents, kids who are part of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts can also show off some of their skills they’ve mastered from their previous outdoor adventures.


On Labor Day, it’d be appropriate for senior citizens to create an interesting scrapbook with a theme that celebrates their careers. The first pages of the custom scrapbook can include cutouts of photographs of the person working at his or her first job. The last pages of the presentation may feature pictures of the individual’s retirement party. While creating their scrapbooks, seniors get a lot of mental stimulation because of all the pleasant memories that come to mind. Scrapbooking on Labor Day also helps senior citizens be prepared for other arts and crafts projects that are usually done at assisted living facilities, nursing homes and community centers. Of course, seniors can also enjoy these activities at home with help from Home Care Assistance of Ft. Lauderdale. We provide flexible live-in and hourly care in Ft. Lauderdale that boosts physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing for seniors in need of help around the house. Learn more by calling (954) 909-0370 today to speak with a friendly Care Manager about customizing a unique care plan for your loved one.


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