Electronic Devices Seniors Will Love

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Useful Devices for Seniors in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Many seniors automatically assume that new technology is confusing or time-consuming. However, most new innovations are specifically designed to be user-friendly and several have applications that are particularly useful for seniors. Providers of in-home care in Ft. Lauderdale recommend the following technological devices to help seniors maintain their independence and also have some fun.


This company creates a variety of devices to promote fitness. Their easy-to-wear bracelets and clip on devices keep track of steps taken, distances travelled, sleep quality, food consumption, and burned calories. This makes it easy for seniors to stay in shape, remember to exercise, and even take medications.


Make medication reminders simple by using Tabsafe, a technological medication management system. A caregiver or senior can place medicine into cartridges, which can be dispensed at a designated time. The Tabsafe unit connects to the product’s website where medical information can be accessed by caregivers or physicians.

TV Ears

Perhaps your loved one has trouble hearing television at the same volume as others in the house. TV ears are headphones that sync up to a basic television and allow seniors to listen to the television at whatever volume they prefer. This helps seniors hear their favorite shows and movies without disturbing others with loud noises.


Do you ever wish the vacuum could do the job without your assistance? The Roomba is a house cleaning robot that ensures that floors are clean and dirt free. Seniors with limited mobility will enjoy having a clean home without having to physically clean it themselves. Additionally, the clean floors are safer and less likely to cause tripping or falling.


Reading is an excellent pastime, but hard copy books can be difficult for seniors to read. The size of text can be adjusted on a Kindle or other e-reader, making it easy for your elderly loved one to read print. Not only does the Kindle make reading easy, the basic buttons used to turn a page make this device incredibly user-friendly. As we age, we often have trouble managing daily tasks on our own. The above devices help seniors enjoy their time at home and also allow them to maintain their independence. If your loved one requires more frequent help around the house, turn to Home Care Assistance. We specialize in comprehensive Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia care for Ft. Lauderdale seniors to help them age in place without giving up their independence. To learn more about at-home care for your loved one, contact us at (954) 909-0370 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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